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Want to make a difference in your community? Volunteer your time at WAGS!

WAGS Volunteers are our essential helpers and community ambassadors. Volunteers simply do it for love. Seeing volunteers at work in the WAGS literally brings joy and smiles to the faces of our staff. Thank you for sharing your talents, spirit and drive with us. Are you ready to learn new ideas? Call for details about orientation days and times.

A few facts about our volunteer program:

  • Our volunteer program is staff-supervised and not to mention, continuous training is required for all our volunteers.
  • Our volunteers work closely with the Westminster Veterinary Group hospital staff to constantly develop their skills. If, when you leave WAGS, you haven’t updated your skills, then perhaps we have done you a disservice. Also, We aspire to continuously train our volunteers so that they will carry forward our mission into the community. As can be seen, this is the principle of ambassadorship!
  • Our volunteers help extend our growing foster program. Uniquely, we are strong advocates of foster programs because they help increase adoptions and reduce senseless euthanasia.
  • Our Volunteers help us socialize, exercise, train and play with each pet. To point out, Please expand the links below to learn more about the WAGS volunteer experiences.

Categories of Volunteering

Family Opportunities

  • Transition babies – fostering kittens at home
  • Fostering pets at home – family opportunity to foster a pet at home
  • Reading program for kids 

Specialty Volunteering Opportunities

  • Bottle Babies- Newborn Kittens Fostering
  • Construction Projects
  • Picture taking
  • Pet-Expo help- one time a year
  • Do laundry pick up and drop off
  • Grooming
  • Veterinarian/RVT’s for spay/neuter days

Family and Specialty Kid Groups Volunteering

  • Enrichment toys and food puzzles
  • Newspaper Collection and drop off to WAGS
  • Green Volunteer- Bringing greens for rabbits

Under 18 yrs. old Opportunities

  • Cleaning- For under 18 years old- Cleaning opportunities all hours and days- High School volunteer hours to meet school requirements
  • C.A.R.E- Canine/cat Assisted Recreational and Education for schools and senior housing. Transport coordinator – Transporting pets to educational/elder settings for day long outings
  • Rabbits – Care and play
  • Creating home adoption kits

Over 18 yrs. old Opportunities

  • Dog play groups
  • Dog training
  • Dog Walkers – All skills and all sizes of dogs need walking daily
  • Cat Volunteers- Cat cleaning and playing
  • Cat litter boxes, laundry, and lite cleaning

General Volunteer


Foster Volunteer


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