Pet Adoption Process

Walk through and take a look at the pets we have available for adoption. Once you have selected the one or more that you are interested in, we can have you visit with them in either one of our “Meet and Greet” rooms or play in one of our play yards! After you have decided on the pet that you are interested in adopting, we have you fill out the adoption application. The application must be approved by the Adoption Coordinator.
Once the application is approved we need to have you bring in a few things:

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    If you have a dog and you are interested in adopting another dog, we ask that you bring that pet in with you so we can ensure the dogs will all get along before bringing a new pet into the home.
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    Proof or renting or owning where you live…we want to make sure the new pet you’re planning in bringing home is allowed.
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    We ask that all members of the household be present before an adoption is finalized. We don’t want any surprises, which could lead to a pet being returned.

All pets are spayed or neutered before going home as long as they are old enough/weigh enough. Most pets have already had this procedure and can leave with you the same day. In the event that they have not been spayed/neutered, WAGS will do their best to get the procedure performed within a few days of adopting. If the pet is too young or doesn’t weigh enough, then they can go home the same day as adopting with a $100 refundable deposit that you will get back when you bring the pet back in for surgery.

Adoption Fees

adoption fees are subject to change for some pets. Management reserves the right to change adoption fees as needed.

  • Adult Dogs (7 months and older): $190
  • Puppies (6 months and younger): $250
  • Adult Cats (7 months and older): $110
  • Kittens (6 months and younger):  $150
  • Adult Rabbits: $25
  • Baby Rabbits (6 months and younger): $100
  • Exotics: $10
  • Spay/ Neuter Deposit: $100
  • Senior Saturday: $50
  • 2nd Kitten: $75
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