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WAGS Pet Adoption is a shelter and adoption group serving Westminster and Stanton

WAGS shelters and cares for companion animals, investigates and combats animal cruelty, rescues neglected pets, treats sick and injured strays, and educates the community about humane issues and responsible pet care. Every animal in need of shelter and care from the City of Westminster and Stanton is welcome at WAGS.

We have birds, turtles, snakes, tortoises and pot belly pigs.

WAGS Core Values

Core Values

  1. Quality care for our pets – Today, tomorrow and always.
  2. Cleanliness – To follow standard protocols for an clean infection free environment and a “no poop zone”.
  3. Customer kindness –  Always smile and help the visitors until they don’t need any more help.
  4. Teamwork – Step up and help each other.
  5. Development- Create a shelter and shelter programs that enhance the community.
  6. Respect-Treat all staff and volunteers with the upmost respect. We know these are tough jobs.

WAGS Promises to Our Pets

  • We promise to ensure the pets are always well fed and hydrated.
  • We promise to keep pets comfortable with resting spaces and shelter.
  • We promise to provide medical care and medication as needed.
  • We promise to provide a safe and enriched environment.
  • We promise to provide as low stress environment as we can in a shelter.
  • We promise to provide a loving focused effort when placing every pet in a forever home.

A letter from President - Dr. Michelle Russillo and Founder Dr. Tia Greenberg

Dear friends and WAGS Supporters,

We want to share some basic information on how WAGS is funded and run. WAGS is a 501c3 non-profit organization that is contracted by two cities with a predetermined estimated amount money to care for the pets that would be brought in based on previous year’s data. In fact, the contract spans 3 years. It is not lucrative money but limited monies to care for the cities stray, lost and homeless animals. To point out, there are no extra funds to handle hoarder and puppy mill cases (at least in this contract). Additionally, possibly due to our good reputation, WAGS has already exceeded the number of pets brought to us in the contracted estimated number. Possibly, we have more pets on property than anticipated because we do our best to rehabilitate and care for animals under our roof. We sometimes assume we have more homeless and lost pets because of our philosophy of care. Overall, WAGS cares for about 400 pets on property on any given day.

WAGS has many programs to help pets get adopted. Notably, We strive to provide great medical care. To emphasize, we use standard protocols for care of the pets and facility. With this in mind, we pride ourselves on keeping WAGS in clear order and renovate when ever we have the funds to improve a room or two. We have vast volunteer opportunities, sponsorship, and donation options. Also, We are always open to suggestions for improvement and welcome the community in daily.

Additionally, we often promote adoptions at a certain fee and/or run promotions at lower fees to help pets get adopted sooner. Facebook posts keeps our followers up to date all the time www.facebook.com/wagspetadoption.org. Anyone who knows us knows we advocate all the time. Furthermore, the best thing we can do is make adoptions happen.

In 2017, Despite WAGS has doubled in size overnight – literally!! WAGS is fortunate to NOT have to pay for any administrative overhead. We have two volunteer administrative staff the President Dr. Michelle Russillo and Founder Dr. Tia Greenberg that manages WAGS. There is only 1 manager, 1 supervisor, part-time veterinarians, and staff on payroll. This has been one way we can keep all the funds going to the pet’s care and housing.

Animal sheltering is a huge problem and overwhelms shelters, employees, volunteers, management and veterinarians all the time. Our funds are tight! When we unexpectedly get two hoarder cases 126 rabbits and puppy mill cases 78 dogs in a short period of time between May and November 2017, we need to make adjustments to adoption donation fees (example: Bulldogs being more than the usual fees) to pay for extra staffing (80 hours), medications, food, healthcare, veterinarians and medicine. Of course there is rent, overhead, and unforeseen emergency costs. Even though these problems occur, Monthly, we are just able to cover our costs, we are grateful for that. Keeping WAGS running a goal for the whole team.

We are appreciative of the help, support and kindness of our community!!! We can’t thank our tireless staff and volunteers enough for all they have done to care for the doubled population of animals on property. To point out, WAGS is a small shelter contracted by only two cities and we keep it small to try to do the right services by these animals every day! After all, WAGS doesn’t claim to be perfect, but we will continue to do better and better. All these pets have is a team of WAGS employees – volunteers- management- veterinarian- donators and friends! We truly love our WAGzies! Our organization are always in need of extra funds https://www.paypal.me/wagspetadoption.

Thank you for your continued support and kindness,

Dr. Michelle Russillo
President – WAGS Pet Adoption

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