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Interactive Dashboards with Organization Data

(Source: Shelter Animals Count-The National Database)


Westminster Veterinary Group

Pet Friendly Housing

Westminster Pet Friendly apartment listings

Trulia Westminster apartment rental page with pet-friendly page

Zillow Orange County pet-friendly page about 600 pet-friendly listings


Free map-based search for Pet-friendly home/apartment rentals


Pet friendly Rentals


Pet-friendly Rental Search

National Rental Research Dashboard


Pet Safety

Hiking Safely with Your Pet

Keep Your Dog Safe in the Summer

Fire Safety Prevention and Preparedness for Pet Owners

Dog Water Safety

Pet-Safe House Plants

Is Your Yard Safe for Your Pet?

Household Hazards, Poisons, and Safety for Dogs

Dog Toys

How to Pick the Best & Safest

Poisonous Flowers and Plants for Pets

Plants That Can Harm Your Pet

Free Pet Chip Registry


A Kid’s Guide to Dog Care

How to Love Your Dog

How to Raise a Cat on a Budget

Treehouse Foundation

Eveything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Cats

Mother knows best

Peace with the neighbors is a click away

Feral Cat

Spay California

How to find a lost cat

How to Find a Lost Cat

Best friends podcast

Finding lost cats with Lost Cat Finder Kim Freeman

Jones Animal Behavior

Jones Animal Behavior

Lost Dog

The center for lost pets

The Center for Lost Pets (Lost)

The center for lost pets

The Center for Lost Pets (Found)

Lost my doggie

Lost My Doggie

How to report a bite

Pet Sitters International

How to Report Dog Bites

Lost Pet

lost pet

Lost Pet

Resources in Spanish and Vietnamese

lost pet

Finding a Kitten

lost pet


lost pet

Kitten Ages

lost pet

TNR Spanish

lost pet

Cat Contract

Spanish – Vietnamese – English

Other Resources

Pet Sitters International

Pet Sitters International

lost pet

Pets Find Help

lost pet

Helping a Dog Settle into the new Home

lost pet

How to Help a Neighbor's Neglected Animal

lost pet

How to handle landlord/tenant disputes over companion animals

lost pet

What To Do When You Witness Animal Cruelty

lost pet

WAGS Adopters

Shelter FAQs

Animal Intake

Are public shelters required to accept/intake stray cats?

No. California law does not require public shelters to retrieve or impound healthy cats, even if they are free-living in the community. This applies to all healthy cats, including feral cats, or tame/socialized cats who are found without an identifiable owner.

Are public shelters required to accept owner-surrendered animals?

No. California law does not require public shelters to accept animals being surrendered by their owners. If they do accept them, they must be subject to applicable holding periods like all other animals in the shelter.

Are private shelters required to accept any animals?

No. California law does not require private shelters to accept any animals and have full discretion in deciding which animals they wish to take in. An exception would be if the private shelter has a contract with a local municipality requiring them to intake certain animals.

Community Cats

What are community cats?

What is a Community Cat Program?

A Community Cat Program (“CCP”) helps stabilize or reduce the population of community cats. It involves trapping community cats near their habitat and taking them to a facility where they are given a veterinary evaluation, routine vaccinations, and are sterilized and marked. The cats are then returned to their original habitat or another suitable habitat.
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