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Social Services for 92683

Westminster, CA

Pet Friendly Housing

Westminster Pet Friendly apartment listings

Trulia Westminster apartment rental page with pet-friendly page

Zillow Orange County pet-friendly page about 600 pet-friendly listings


Free map-based search for Pet-friendly home/apartment rentals


Pet friendly Rentals


Pet-friendly Rental Search

National Rental Research Dashboard



Insurance Discovery Tip Sheet

Pet-Inclusive Housing Initiative Renters Insurance

Renters Insurance

Understanding then Fair Housing Act

Understanding the Fair Housing Act

How to Celebrate Pet-Inclusive<br />

How to Celebrate Pet-Inclusive Properties

Pet Safety

Hiking Safely with Your Pet

Keep Your Dog Safe in the Summer

Fire Safety Prevention and Preparedness for Pet Owners

Dog Water Safety

Pet-Safe House Plants

Is Your Yard Safe for Your Pet?

Household Hazards, Poisons, and Safety for Dogs

Dog Toys

How to Pick the Best & Safest

Poisonous Flowers and Plants for Pets

Plants That Can Harm Your Pet

Free Pet Chip Registry


A Kid’s Guide to Dog Care

How to Love Your Dog

How to Raise a Cat on a Budget

Treehouse Foundation

Eveything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Cats

Mother knows best

Peace with the neighbors is a click away

Feral Cat

Spay California

How to find a lost cat

How to Find a Lost Cat

Best friends podcast

Finding lost cats with Lost Cat Finder Kim Freeman

Jones Animal Behavior

Jones Animal Behavior

Lost Dog

The center for lost pets

The Center for Lost Pets (Lost)

The center for lost pets

The Center for Lost Pets (Found)

Lost my doggie

Lost My Doggie

How to report a bite

Pet Sitters International

How to Report Dog Bites

Lost Pet

lost pet

Lost Pet

lost pet

Find Your Lost Pet

PawBoost is like an AMBER Alert for lost pets. Millions of pet lovers have joined their Rescue Squad by signing up for localized lost & found pet alerts. More importantly, PawBoost has helped reunite over 1 million pets with their families. Posting is free, with optional premium services available.

Resources in Spanish and Vietnamese

lost pet

Finding a Kitten

lost pet


lost pet

Kitten Ages

lost pet

TNR Spanish

lost pet

Cat Contract

Spanish – Vietnamese – English

lost pet

FIV Bilingual - Spanish

Other Resources

Pet Sitters International

Pet Sitters International

lost pet

Pets Find Help

lost pet

Helping a Dog Settle into the new Home

lost pet

How to Help a Neighbor's Neglected Animal

lost pet

How to handle landlord/tenant disputes over companion animals

lost pet

What To Do When You Witness Animal Cruelty

lost pet

WAGS Adopters

lost pet

Caring for senior cats and dogs

lost pet

Dog Behavior Resources

lost pet

Lost Cat

lost pet

Support Pets

home to home animal adoption

Home to Home Animal Adoption

Dog Program from Austin Pets Alive site.

Dog Program

Cat Resources

OCSP-Cat Rescue Inc

OCSP Cate Rescue Inc

Fountain Valley, CA (4 mi form Westminster,CA)

Our organization is committed tokeeping cats and kittens safe, happy and healthy while they wait to be placed in a forever home. We focus on matching cats and kittens with the right people.

The Happy Cat Rescue and Wellness Foundation

The Happy Cat Rescue and Wellness Foundation

Huntington Beach, CA (4 mi from Westminster, CA)

Our organization is committed to keeping pets safe, happy and healthy while they wait to be placed in a forever home. We are also dedicated to help maintain wellness and balance for each individual and their pet. Love and happiness is the key.

OCSP-Cat Rescue Inc

OC Community Cats

9852 Katella Ave., #2920, Anaheim, CA 92804 (4 mi from Westminster, CA)

OC Community Cats mission is to raise awareness about the thousands of feral and stray cats living outdoors throughout Orange Country.

Alfie's Kitten Rescue

Alfie's Kitten Rescue

18861 Beach Blvd, Huntington Beach, CA 92648 (4 mi from Westminster, CA)

Alfie came to us in 2015, he was found on the side of a road all by himself at 4 weeks of age. He inspired us to rescue more after seeing how much he needed help at such a delicate stage of life.

Cali's Misfits

Cali's Misfits

Santa Ana, CA (3 mi from Westminster, CA)

Cali’s misfits mission is to give cats and kittens a second chance at life. We rescue them, give them the care they need and find them loving homes. We also aim to educate the community on the lifesaving efforts of Trap Neuter Return.

Tonks Feline Foster

Tonks Feline Foster

Garden Grove CA (2 mi from Westminster, CA)

We rescue, provide vetting and socialization and adopt out cats and kittens of all ages and demeanors.

Community Cat Project

Community Cat Project

Garden Grove, CA (6 mi from Westminster, CA)

Our Mission to change long-timed practices of cultural groups by promoting spay/neuter alternatives to educate and effect a change globally on appropriate feline care and handling to care for the homeless cat population by subsidizing food, spay/…

Cali's Misfits

Healing The Strays

Buena Park, CA (7 mi from Westminster, CA)

Our organization is committed to keeping pets safe, happy and healthy while they wait to be placed in a forever home as we intake the most deplorable off the streets.



Costa Mesa, (7 mi from Westminster, CA)

TippedEars purpose is to combat cat overpopulation through humane TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return). By reducing the overall cat population, fewer cats will need to be euthanized in shelters for space.

Long Beach Spay & Neuter

Long Beach Spay & Neuter

Long Beach, CA (8 mi from Westminster, CA)

operating since 1997 and formally established in 2004, Long Beach Spay and Neuter Foundation (LBSN) is committed to reducing pet overpopulation and improving the welfare of animals in greater Long Beach, CA.

Crooked Tale Cat Rescue

Crooked Tale Cat Rescue

Anaheim, CA (10 mi from Westminster, CA)

Although our primary goal is to spay and neuter as many community cats as we can, we come across many abandoned and stray cats that want to come in from the cold lonely world and be loved by a special someone.


MeoowzResq inc

Orange, CA (10 mi from Westminster, CA)

MeoowzResq is a kitten rescue that is run 100% by volunteers. We are the largest foster-based kitten rescue in California. Last year we rescued nearly 2500 cats and kittens.

Crooked Tale Cat Rescue

Too Sweet For The Street Cat Rescue

Long Beach, CA (10 mi from Westminster, CA)

Our organization is committed to keeping our local community/stray/feral cats healthier by giving fresh food and water, practicing TNR and giving medical help when needed as well as keeping those we can bring in off the street safe.

Shelter FAQs

Animal Intake

Are public shelters required to accept/intake stray cats?

No. California law does not require public shelters to retrieve or impound healthy cats, even if they are free-living in the community. This applies to all healthy cats, including feral cats, or tame/socialized cats who are found without an identifiable owner.

Are public shelters required to accept owner-surrendered animals?

No. California law does not require public shelters to accept animals being surrendered by their owners. If they do accept them, they must be subject to applicable holding periods like all other animals in the shelter.

Are private shelters required to accept any animals?

No. California law does not require private shelters to accept any animals and have full discretion in deciding which animals they wish to take in. An exception would be if the private shelter has a contract with a local municipality requiring them to intake certain animals.

Community Cats

What are community cats?

What is a Community Cat Program?

A Community Cat Program (“CCP”) helps stabilize or reduce the population of community cats. It involves trapping community cats near their habitat and taking them to a facility where they are given a veterinary evaluation, routine vaccinations, and are sterilized and marked. The cats are then returned to their original habitat or another suitable habitat.


Does my dog or cat need a license?

Any dog four months of age or older that has been in or established residency in the city for more than fifteen days must be licensed with the City of Westminster. Dogs that are visiting for less than fifteen days must not be licensed, however, must be wearing a current license tag from the city in which it resides.

Cats do not need to be licensed.

Does the City have any dog parks?

The City of Westminster does not have off-leash dog parks. Dogs are allowed in all of our parks as long as the dog is kept on a leash no more than six (6) feet in length and in the hands of a person capable of controlling the dog. Always remember to pick up after your dog.

How do I adopt a pet?

The Westminster Adoption Group & Services (WAGS) has pets available for adoption. Please keep in mind that you must meet certain criteria to be able to adopt a pet. Please call WAGS at (714) 887-6156 to get more information.

How do I apply for an animal maintenance permit?

If you wish to maintain more than the legal limit of pets allowed, you must apply for an animal maintenance permit. You may request an application in person only at the Police Department front counter. The non-refundable permit processing fee must be paid at the time of application. It takes approximately 30-60 days to complete the process. At the discretion of Senior Animal Control Officer, the permit may or may not be granted.

How do I complain about barking dogs or other noisy animals?

If a neighbor’s pet is bothering you due to noise, it’s preferable that you first try to contact the neighbor personally to see if the problem can be resolved prior to filing a formal complaint with Animal Control. If you have already contacted the neighbor and the problem has not been resolved, contact Animal Control to file a complaint. If you are complaining about a barking dog, you must fill out a Barking Dog Information Report to formally file your complaint. The Barking Dog Information Report can be mailed to you upon request, obtained online, or you may come to the Westminster Police Department front counter to request one.

How do I get a license for my dog?

How do I give my dog or cat away for adoption?

Animal Control currently does not offer an owner relinquishment program. If you need to surrender your pet, you may do so by transporting the pet yourself to the Westminster Animal Care Center. Please contact them at (714) 887-6156 for further information and the fee schedule for pet relinquishment.

Please keep in mind that adoption is not guaranteed. Many health and behavior factors are taken into consideration before a pet is deemed adoptable.

How do I have a deceased animal removed?

Contact Animal Control at (714) 548-3201 to have a deceased stray animal removed from your property. Request for disposal of owned deceased animals is provided, however, a disposal fee is charged. Contact Animal Control for information on this type of service.

How do I report a stray dog or cat?

Contact Animal Control at (714) 548-3201. If no one is available to answer your call, you may leave a message and an Animal Control Officer will follow up. Messages are checked several times a day. If your call is urgent, such as the stray animal causing a traffic hazard or is aggressive, please contact Police Dispatch at (714) 548-3212.

There are no leash laws pertaining to cats. If you are reporting a stray cat that is able to be handled safely and would like it to be picked up, contact Animal Control. The cat must be confined in a transportable container such as a sturdy box or carrier.

How do I report an abused or neglected pet?

Contact Animal Control at (714) 548-3201 to report the incident. You will be asked to provide the exact location of the pet and a description. If the matter is urgent and requires an immediate response by an Animal Control Officer, contact Police Dispatch at (714) 548-3212.

How do I volunteer to work with animals?

The Westminster Animal Care Center and Westminster Adoption Group & Services (WAGS) has a volunteer program. Please contact them at (714) 887-6156.

What are the leash laws?

All dogs must be on a leash no longer than six (6) feet in length, and in the hands of a person capable of controlling the dog whenever on public property. Dogs and other animals cannot be on any private property without the consent of the property owner.

What are the limitations on the maximum number of pets permissible?

The City of Westminster allows up to three dogs over the age of 4 months or three cats over the age of 4 months or any combination thereof. Any more than that would require the pet owner to apply for an animal maintenance permit. If you have, or maintain, more than the number of pets allowed without a permit, you are in violation of Westminster Municipal Code 6.12.020 and may be subject to citation.

What can be done about stray feral cats?

Feral cats are wild and most of time cannot be handled safely. Cats will not be picked up unless properly confined. Animal Control provides traps for rent to Westminster residents on a first come first serve basis. Please call Animal Control prior to coming to the Police Department front counter to make sure a trap is available. Valid identification and a deposit are required for the issuance of a trap.

What can I do about nuisance wildlife coming onto my property?

Animal Control does not respond to calls regarding wildlife unless it is deceased, injured, or orphaned. If you are reporting injured wildlife, it must be confined placing a box or other such item like a laundry basket over it. If it is able to be handled safely, you may place it inside a transportable container such as a sturdy box or carrier. Once the animal is properly confined, call Animal Control at (714) 548-3201 for pick up.

Residents are able to trap wildlife in humane traps and relocate it themselves. Animal Control will not relocate healthy wildlife that has been trapped. If you are uncomfortable or uneasy trapping wildlife, you may contact a licensed private animal trapping and removal service found in your local yellow pages or online.

If you are reporting mallard ducks, please keep in mind that they are federally protected birds and in most cases cannot be removed. Animal Control is restricted by the California Department of Fish and Game to remove healthy wildlife from private or public property. If you have questions about wildlife removal, contact the California Department of Fish and Game at (858) 467-4201.

What do I do if I have a problem with rats and/or other pests?

You may contact Orange County Vector Control at (714) 971-2421 for rat problems. Any other type of pest removal, such as gophers and mice, is the responsibility of the property owner. The property owner may contact a private pest control company for these issues. Other types of wildlife may be protected by state or federal law. Contact Animal Control at (714) 548-3201 to discuss your individual situation.

What do I do if I have a sick or injured pet?

It is the pet owner’s responsibility to obtain veterinary care for the sick or injured pet. There are many local veterinary offices that can care for your sick or injured pet. If your pet becomes sick or is injured after hours or on a weekend, search online or look in the yellow pages for 24 hour emergency veterinary facilities.

What do I do if I have been bitten by an animal?

If you have been bitten by an animal and there is a skin break, Animal Control may have to quarantine the animal or have it tested for rabies. Dogs and cats are routinely subject to quarantine if they have caused a skin break with their teeth to a human. Dog owners having knowledge that their dog or cat has bitten another person are required to report the incident to Animal Control immediately.

Not all animals are subject to quarantine. Animal Control does not routinely examine low risk animals such as rabbits, rodents, hamsters, or guinea pigs. To report an animal bite, contact Animal Control at (714) 548-3201.

What do I do if I have lost my pet?

Contact Animal Control if your pet is missing. We will create a lost pet report with the pet description and owner information in case the pet is found at a later date. If you are missing a pet, please make a strong effort to personally check the Westminster Animal Care Center and any other shelters nearby.

What do I do if there is a dangerous animal on my property such as a snake?

Contact Animal Control at (714) 548-3201 to have the animal removed. If no one is available to answer your call, you may contact Police Dispatch at (714) 548-3212. Try to keep the dangerous animal under observation until the Animal Control Officer arrives, but do not approach it.

What information do you provide about rabies?

Rabies is a viral disease that can affect most warm-blooded animals. In the US today, most cases are found in wildlife such as bats, racoons, and skunks. Vaccinations for this disease are readily available for your pet, and are required by state law. Please see the Orange County Animal Care for more information on rabies and locations to low-cost pet vaccination clinics.

Where can I get my pet spayed or neutered?

Most veterinary hospitals offer spay and neuter services. Search online or check your local yellow pages for veterinary hospitals that offer low cost spay and neuter services.

Where is the animal shelter?

Westminster Animal Control contracts shelter services. They are located at:

WAGS Adoption Pet Center
6621 Westminster Boulevard
Westminster, CA 92683
(714) 887-6156

Who do I contact about bees?

There is no public agency that will remove bees from private property. If the bee hive is on private property, the property owner is responsible for contacting a private pest control company or a private bee keeping service for the removal of the hive.

If the bee hive is on public property, you may contact the City of Westminster Corporation Yard at (714) 895-2876. They will contact the appropriate service to eliminate the hive.

If bees are actively swarming and attacking humans please call 9-1-1.

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