At WAGS, one of our mantras is: “Adopt, don’t buy.” Adoption is the humane and compassionate choice for your family. Adoption is “the choice” for families seeking to end the senseless cycle of violence behind the puppy breeding industry.

It’s not complicated! There are millions of animals looking for forever-homes. Without your help, these animals may be senselessly euthanized. If you love animals, become part of the solution–not the problem.

As with all things that are important, responsible pet selection and ownership begins with education. Are you prepared to bust your myths?

Please print PDF application or fill one out on our site and bring it in to WAGS with you if interested in adoption.

When to adopt and how to be a good Dog owner:

  • They choose a dog that matches their lifestyle
  • They commit to their dog for life
  • They prepare their homes for their dog
  • They train and socialize their dog
  • They keep their dog safe
  • They make their dog’s health a priority
  • They spay and neuter their dog
  • They exercise their dog’s mind and body
  • They know when to ask for help
  • They respect other dog owners

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Adoption Fees*

  • Adult Dogs (7 months and older): $185
  • Puppies (6 months and younger): $250
  • Adult Cats (7 months and older): $105
  • Kittens (6 months and younger):  $140
  • Pair of Kittens: $140 for first / $70 for second
  • Rabbits: $25 adult / $100 baby
  • Spay/ Neuter Deposit: $100

*subject to change based on shelter needs