Mission Statement

Our Guiding Principles / Mission Statement: 

Education for the community on reducing the unhealthy and stray population

Strive for lower euthanasia rates

Always place for permanent FURever homes

Promote advocacy

Ensure proper shelter

WAGS is committed to animal welfare. Our mission is to provide the best care, advocacy, and shelter for lost and unhealthy animals seeking new, permanent, loving homes.


Adoption Policy

Thank you for adopting a dog, cat or rabbit from Westminister Adoption Group and Services (WAGS). We’ve provided your new pet with the following Services:


Spay/Neuter Surgery

All dogs and cats, eight weeks of age or older, adopted from WAGS are spayed/neutered before release to their new owner/guardian. The spay/neuter deposit included in the adoption fee will be applied towards the cost of the surgery. Our veterinarian will give your dog or cat a physical examination prior to surgery to determine if the animal is healthy for surgery and will contact you with instructions if it is determined that your dog or cat should not have surgery at this time.

Please be aware that no surgical procedure is without risks. Our veterinarian will discuss any additional fees to be paid by the adopter for heat, pregnancy, obesity, retained testicles, geriatric patients or other medical concerns with you prior to surgery.

  • Adoption fees are subject to change for some pets. Management reserves the right to change adoption fees as needed.

If your adopted animal become unsuited for spay/neuter surgery due to illness or injury prior to its discharge from the care center, you will be notified. You have the option of treatment or selecting another animal or requesting a refund of the adoption fees, excluding pound, microchip and optical medical fees.

Rabbits are automatically spayed/neutered prior to adoption.


Microchip Identification

Microchipping is the safe and professional way to identify an animal. While collars may fall off and identification tags may get lost.

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