Letter to supporters- sharing once more. We know it’s longer than you like to read on social media but we want to ensure we reach all our supporters.
Thank you

Below is out letter to our followers. More info to follow as the RFP process begins. It has not been presented to the community as of yet.

WAGS will be applying for the upcoming RFP for the City of Westminster’s Animal Care Contract. WAGS services will end without this contract awarded. Read below for more information.
We want to take a moment to thank all our supporters, followers, donors and volunteers. As we begin 2020, WAGS is preparing to write our proposal for the upcoming Westminster Animal Control RFP. The RFP is a Request for Proposals. This is the method that a city formally requests proposals from vendors to provide a service. In this case they would be requesting Animal Care Services for Westminster and Stanton, CA. The cities are linked by an internal contract for Westminster to provide animal care services to Stanton.
The upcoming RFP will reflect a contract for Animal Care Services for Westminster & Stanton that begins on July 1st, 2020 until an unknown time period at this moment. We are waiting to read the details of the RFP.
This means WAGS contract Westminster ends June 30, 2020. WAGS will be bidding on the upcoming RFP but we are very concerned about receiving the contract to continue providing animal care services for the next time period designated in the proposal. We are VERY aware that there is another animal care service vendor that would/will be bidding at a lower fee.
WAGS, as normal procedure, is very transparent about all services, costs and finances. In this vein WAGS will be sharing the RFP details including our contract request and the financial needs to run WAGS so you as our supporters can be aware of the details of the cost of care.
We recognize that the running of WAGS is possibly more money than our competitor vendors, but we know WAGS live release rate is very good and improving every year. We also know WAGS is highly dedicated to providing the best services to the city and its citizens.
WAGS is GOOD for the City of Westminster. We have become a community center for kids, families and business leaders to use as volunteer opportunities and animal welfare issues. WAGS has continued to increase our return rate of lost animals to owners every year by using our vast social media following/presence with hopes that all lost pets can be returned to the families. Lastly,WAGS listens to its community and provides services reflective of the citizen’s needs.
Over the next few weeks WAGS will be sharing our success stories, financial information and our RFP proposal response. OUR BIGGEST WORRY is that WAGS will not be granted the contract and animals are sent to a different, less expensive animal care vendor at the cost of animal’s’ lives. Additionally, WAGS is concerned about the city’s long-term animal care efforts. We are confident if WAGS is not the animal care provider for the city, WAGS will have to end the 6621 Westminster Boulevard building rental contract and never be able to obtain another facility that can support the city’s stray and homeless animals.
Additionally, the current building has been set up as a veterinary hospital that provides the space and amenities to care for over 2100 animals a year. Once WAGS is gone, the city may never again see animal control/care services provided in the city of Westminster. There are no buildings available in the city of Westminster to re-establish animal control housing, medical and adoption facilities let alone currently set up to provide animal care for over 2100 animals/yr. It will more than likely have to be outsourced.
Our goal is just to inform all our supporters of the upcoming challenge WAGS faces. WAGS CEO and Director of Operations will continue to inform everyone about each step we take to KEEP THE CONTRACT. When and if WAGS needs more support like letter writing and other grass roots respectful actions, we will ask and coordinate with you, our supporters.
Stay tuned, we will gather more information once the RFP has been distributed. We will follow up with another letter and social media outreach.

Dr. Michelle Russillo, CEO
Cortney Dorney, Director of Operations

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