Dear WAGS Pet Adoption Supporters,

This letter is to update you about WAGS current situation regarding the 2019-2020 upcoming city contract.  We have been in discussions with the Westminster City Officials since May 2018. We have requested increased funding and the City of Westminster has presented their proposed extended contract with only a 2% increase from the previous 2018-2019 contract. Below explains the history of contracts from 2011 -2019.
In 2011 WAGS only required a contract of $70K annually. This was because we had a low intake number of animals, an active benefactor and a partnering veterinary hospital that was able to help cover some of the medical and rental costs.
During the past 8 years:

  • WAGS had a dramatic increase of the number of stray animals, owner redemptions and citizen turn-ins. (1500 to almost 3000 animals a year).
  • WAGS has increased lifesaving efforts for animals increasing medical costs
  • Our benefactor has passed away
  • WAGS no longer shares the cost of the rent and overhead with partnering veterinary hospital since they moved.
  • We have required more staff over the past few years to care for what is normally 300-600 animals in our care.

Here are the overall costs to run WAGS. The payroll reflects paying the Director of Operations, doctors and staff. As the CEO, I am a volunteer. I have never received a paycheck from WAGS for the past 8 years.  The WAGS hourly staff don’t have insurance benefits, 401Ks or paid vacation. The hourly pay ranges $11-$15.
All the city funds received have always been used for animal care, overhead, and staff.  Here is 2018 breakdown of the expenses.  In  fiscal year 2018 had a shortfall of $56K and used a great portion of reserved funds. Currently, there is only $130,000. left In reserve.

January 1-December 31, 2018 Costs
Payroll (including vets) and w/comp $ 386,299.61
Rent and overhead $ 222,427.71
Medical and Animal Costs $180,714.92
Other costs – fees $35,513.14
Total cost in 2018 $824,955.38.

After the first request for increased funds was denied, WAGS then requested the minimum increase of $120,000 for the year. This breakdowns to $10,000 a month in fee increase to the City of Westminster. This request was declined.  The City of Westminster has only offered a 2% increase of the previous $320,000 contract amount. This would be an additional $533 a month.  WAGS would be left unable to cover expenses for the upcoming year. We don’t collect enough in adoption fees, grants and donations.
WAGS cannot run without a minimum of an additional $120,000 in funds for the year. Unfortunately, this must be committed funds not trickling donations or possible grants. WAGS cannot sign the upcoming 2019-2020 contract without having these additional funds to cover expected costs.
 I am sure you are all questioning “Why won’t the city pay the increase?” I can’t answer this question. I do know they can shop around for another provider who may be able to do it for less. I can’t speak to the quality of services that would be provided.  
Our only option is to have a GoFundMe to raise $120,000.00 within the next week. Starting April 19th-April 26th use this link

PLEASE Make donations to help us keep WAGS OPEN!!! 

Lastly, WAGS is asking the supporting public to not do anything that is harmful, offensive and assaultive in action or words to any Westminster City personnel. WAGS has a strong belief of treating animals and people with kindness and respect.

Thank you for anticipated suggestions and help.

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