rouge cat

World Meet Rogue

WORLD MEET Rogue!! Here is what her foster mom has to say about her; Rogue is sweet and entertaining. She loves to play with feather teasers and laser pointers. She’s full of energy. On the flip side, Rogue is a cuddler. She loves to be held, and she recently discovered napping under the covers with me. If you sit cross legged on the floor, playing in your lap is a favorite activity. She’s got a loud purr and she uses it often.
Rogue is a special girl, silly and full of spunk. She would do well with another pet or on her own in the right home. She’s good with kids. While she’s never seen a dog, I think with her confident personality it would work out well. She’s ready to explore and bask in the sun in a new home, all she needs is the chance to make it happen!

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