Wags to Riches: We need your help

This face is one of the MANY reasons why we need sponsors for our fundraiser. http://wags2riches2016.eventbrite.com to be able to keep the money where it belongs, taking care of the pets. Raccoon was with WAGS from March 1st, 2015 until May 20th, 2016 when she was finally adopted by a wonderful, loving couple! She came to us with a broken hip, mostly likely hit by a car, but you’d never know it by her demeanor…she was always happy and purring and never showed any signs of distress or pain. It wasn’t until she started walking around with a limp that we could tell that something was wrong. We took xrays of her back end and discovered the break. Thankfully, it was small and we were able to house her and allow her body to heal on its own…it took quite a bit of time, pain medication and TLC, but within just a couple of months, Raccoon was as good as new and ready to be adopted! Its only because of financial donors that we are able to provide the kind of medical care that we do. Its only because of financial donors that we can keep the pets as long as needed to find new homes. If you or someone you know is interested in sponsoring a portion of our fundraising event so that we can continue to provide the high quality medical care to each and every single pet who walks through our doors, please go to our eventbrite website and view the list of choices of how you can help! http://wags2riches2016.eventbrite.com

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