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Thank you for being a WAGS volunteer. In small and large ways, volunteers help us develop and demonstrate compassion between animals and our fellow humans. To borrow from Judaism, volunteering in the care and rehabilitation of adoption animals is a way of practicing tikkun olam – a way for us to repair the part of the world that we can touch. At WAGS, the touch of our volunteers is a big part of our effort to re-socialize adoption animals.

We aspire to combine the energy and enthusiasm of our volunteers with continuous training in advanced animal care, fostering and community outreach. As brand ambassadors, each volunteer takes a piece of our story of compassion and innovation into the world.

WAGS values and respects the time of each volunteer. We constantly explore/integrate ways to manage time, schedule efficiently and maximize effort.

Start today! Help spread the WAGS story by sharing our flyers with your friends, family and colleagues.

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