Update Thursday

Today is going to be “Update Thursday”…ok…I know…it doesn’t have a rhyming kinda ring to it, but I couldn’t think of anything cute in a hurry! 😉We got a wonderful update on Nana last week that we wanted to share with all of you! Here’s what her mom had to say! “Mmm….her and Byndi are still working on their relationship. Byndi is a little bratty… she plays nicely with Trystan. They are so cute when they give each other kisses♡ she does want to eat her food and his food…she’s a little bit of a fatty, so I sit with them until they both eat smile emoticon she tends to ignore the pigs unless they are getting a yummy treat wink emoticon again she’s a little fatty♡ she loves to eat grass…just like a hippo and runs to me and tries to climb up in my arms when she sees me* she is just the sweetest…oh, and she purrs like a kitty cat♡”

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