TEDDY UPDATE!!! We have lots of update information for all of you! 1st good news is that recheck xrays were done on Teddy a couple of days ago and it looks like his fractured hip is healing faster than expected and he will no longer need the originally planned surgery! 2nd part of the update is that Teddy will still need surgery…just a different type called an FHO and WE HAVE RAISED ENOUGH $$ TO COVER THAT ONE THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!! Teddy will have to allow his hip to heal a little more (2 more weeks or so) to prepare his body for the new surgery. 3rd part of his update is TEDDY IS AVAILABLE FOR A FOSTER HOME!! We are looking for a long term foster (2-3 months) or a foster to adopt situation. He is great with people and other dogs! He will require minimal movement and some physical therapy as his healing begins. We are looking to get him into foster ASAP so he can start getting comfortable with his new people before his hip surgery. WAGS will provide everything he needs (food, meds, etc). If you are interested in helping out a 5-7 year old SUPER happy and friendly German Shorthair Pointer, please comment below or text 714-887-6156 for more info. Please share and lets get Teddy into a foster (or forever) home!!!

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