Rabbit Hoarder Drop

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Rabbit Hoarder Drop

How does wags make sure it doesn’t have a rabbit hoarder drop more rabbits in the cities in Westminster Stanton… Hire a private investigator! Wags had to take matters into our own hands to protect us from over crowding and falsely setting up a shelter to care for animals that are not from our jurisdiction! Recently we had previous breeders and hoarders checked for obedience to judges rulings. Here’s a piece of the notes from the private investigator…” currently the rabbit hoarder is not keeping more rabbits at his home. As for the breeder of the Bulldogs… Well it’s unclear”, but Westminster Animal Control has done its job! Animal Control Officers will continue to enforce code and law as they see fit in the Bulldog case. We are so proud to work with Westminster police department Animal Control. They have Wags back all the time! They really care about the animals and! Please continue to support Wags and stay tuned for updates in these cases. If you like who we are and what we do, consider supporting are Wags fundraiser. We can’t do it without your help. Http://wagstoriches2018.eventbrite.com/ #hoarder#backyardbreeder #helpushelpthem

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