Please help Chess!

Please help Chess!

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Please say hello to Chess! She is a 10 mo old boxer pit mix who was found as a stray by a Good Samaritan. When she was originally found, the finder took her to her vet because she was limping badly on both of her back legs. She paid quite a bit of money to have both of her knees repaired…but unfortunately about a week after being brought into WAGS for rehoming, the surgery started to break down. Once we saw this happening, we put her into a foster home right away so she could get the one on one care and physical therapy that she needed while our doctors figured out a game plan. The family has fallen in love with her (obviously) and wants to adopt. But she needs surgery on both her knees (torn ACLs). Our amazing Orthopedic Surgeon is giving WAGS a generous discount and our volunteer fundraiser “extraordinaire” @joshuawilkins has already raised $700 from his Instagram account, but we still need to raise $300 before we can pay off the surgery bill. Chess will stay with the foster family after surgery and do her therapy with them until she is cleared for adoption. She will NEVER have to set foot in the shelter again!!! Her surgery for the first knee has been scheduled and we will keep you all up to date on her progress! Once she is weight bearing on the first knee, we will set up the surgery for the second knee. The $1000 that we are raising for Chess covers BOTH surgeries smile emoticon You can donate directly to CHESS at WAGSPETADOPTION.ORG/DONATE be sure to put chess in the notes so the donation goes directly to her surgery!

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