Long Distance Helping Hands for Homeless Shelter

Long Distance Helping Hands for Homeless Shelter

East coast helps west coast- Helping Hands of West Bay Residential Services in Warwick, RI helps WAGS Pet Adoption in Southern California.

Helping Hands of West Bay began with helping their local community by collecting donations for Save the Children, UNICEF, Nickerson House, Victims of the earthquakes in Haiti and Japan, the Gulf Oil Spill, Cell Phones for Soldiers, and We Care for Animals. Helping Hands began as a volunteer group of individuals with developmental disabilities and their staff. Helping Hands has a deep desire to help other community agencies.

WAGS Pet Adoption is a shelter for homeless animals. WAGS’s mission is to provide the best quality of care, advocacy and shelter for lost and homeless animals seeking new permanent loving homes. Our core values are: low euthanasia rates, permanent placement, advocacy, and safe shelter.

Helping Hands raised $142.00 selling pizza strips, cupcakes, cookies and banana bread. WAGS is greatly appreciates the help and donation. WAGS founder Dr. Tia Greenberg stated “ Every dollar helps to provide meals and medical care for the over 2000 animals brought into WAGS in the past year, it is so needed and appreciated.”

WAGS believes our community has S.A.V.E.D.™
More information on Westminster Adoption Group Services can be obtained by phoning (714) 887-6156.

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