Last night we let BJ go

wags dog BJ and his foster family

Last night we let BJ go

Last night we let BJ go. His cancer took him much faster than we expected but, he knew love by BOTH of his foster families as well as from all of our WAGS staff. BJ came to us as a 13 year old owner surrender with his sister Oreo. Their owner had lost their home and had no place to stay where they could keep their senior dogs. They had been at WAGS for over 4 months before BJs diagnosis of lymphoma was discovered. But because of Summer & Mindy and their families, BJs last few weeks weren’t at a shelter. They were in warm and loving homes surrounded by wonderful people who opened up their hearts to a dog that didn’t have much longer to live. Most people wouldn’t be able to handle something like that. But the two families that helped him we’re a special breed. They put their own feelings aside and loved BJ with everything they had. BJ new love right up until the end. We cannot thank the two foster families enough for the gift that they gave him. BJ will be missed by everyone who knew him but we are proud to say that our Wags family stepped up to the plate for a dog in need and gave BJ the loving end that he deserved. #bj #rip #foreverfoster #cancersucks#thankyouforlovinghim #jackrussell

wags dog BJdog BJ foster familywags dog BJ and his foster familywags staff accompany dog BJ

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