wags to riches fundraiser


Why are we doing a fundraiser ? WAGS has adopted out more than 6k pets ! Yay 😀 but we have 600 in our care ! We do get funds for the shelter portion of WAGS but that is less than $40k a month. We rely on volunteers and staff to get us thru everyday of cleaning and medical care for our pets. We have generous veterinarians that give their time as free and reduced costs. We run a tight ship on any spending but we do have to buys supplies, medical and general- food and do general upkeep of the building. We often say “WAGS Orange is the new black “ – meaning WAGS manages to run each month on donations, minimal city funds and adoption fees. We thank you tremendously if you have been a donor in the past ! Please know we are about the animals always. Making Adoptions Happen!
Consider being a sponsor ! We need you.

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