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five new born kitten

WAGS need an immediate foster

FIVE bottle fed kittens have just come in to WAGS and need an immediate foster. These babies are about three weeks old and should be transitioning to wet food in the next two weeks. WAGS supplies everything you need to foster, you just provide the safe place for these...

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baby kitten feeding time

Call to action!

Call to action! Bottle babies are coming in at a much faster rate than we anticipated this year. Kitten formula is a great need here at the shelter and we are looking for online Shoppers who want to help out! Please help us keep our shelves stocked and ready...

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new born kitten sleeping

Good meowning facebook!!!

Good meowning facebook!!! Four bottle fed kittens about two weeks old were brought in to WAGS early this morning! These babies are looking for a foster. WAGS provides everything that you need.. You just provide the room for them to grow!! If you are interested in helping PLEASE text...

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baby kittens

MEOW for help!!

MEOW for help!! WAGS has multiple litters of bottle baby kittens as well as two pregnant moms that currently need a foster!!! WAGS provides all the supplies, you provide a safe place for the babies to grow!! If you are interested in helping out PLEASE text us at 7148876156!! #bottlebabies#kittenseason

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kitten breastfeed

Looking to help out?

Looking to help out? We are still gathering names and phone numbers are people who are willing and able to help us out with our bottle and transition babies. We currently don’t have any kittens needing assistance, but it’s only 10 a.m. LOL! If you are interested in helping...

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