ITS RAINING CATS AND DOGS…and rabbits 😉 WAGS currently has over 100 cats, over 45 dogs and 5 rabbits that are waiting patiently for a new home! The heavy rain last week not only slowed our adoptions down quite a bit (basically no one went home), but it also brought us A TON of new pets that no one has come to look for and are now up for adoption! This week was also pretty full of owner surrenders/abandoned pets coming in…BOTTOM LINE, WE. ARE. FULL!! Starting tomorrow, through Sunday, WAGS will be adopting ALL DOGS AND CATS for only $50 ($100 neuter deposit may be required) Rabbits are only $10! All regular adoption screening processes apply. Proof of owning or renting required before adoption is approved. All adoptions include spay/neuter, microchip, current vaccines, deworming and flea medication. WAGS is open tomorrow from 1-6pm, Sat-Sun from 12-5pm!! Please share!!

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