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I’ve found a pet I’m interested in. Now what?
What is the difference between a shelter and a rescue group?
The pet I’m interested in is at WAGS; what will it be like when I go to WAGS?
What kind of paperwork will I have to fill out?
What is the best age to adopt?
Will I be able to take my pet home immediately?
How much will it cost?
What happens if there are problems when I get my pet home?
After my pet has settled in and we love each other – what do I do next?
Do the dogs who go through rescue demonstrate behavioral problems or have medical problems?
Once adopted, do you ever take back the animals that were once in your care?
How many pets do you adopt out each year?
How long do pets remain up for adoption?
Can I adopt a pet as a gift for someone?
What if my pet gets sick after the adoption?
Why is my pet microchipped?
Why is the adoption fee so high?
Will the pet be spayed or neutered?
What if my current pets are not spayed or neutered?
What if my current pets are not spayed or neutered?
Where may I see the pets available for adoption?
Will WAGS hold my favorite animal for me?
Can WAGS ship an animal to me?
What should I bring to the shelter to adopt an animal?
Should I call WAGS before I go?
How reliable are your descriptions of the animals?
Where do the donations go?
How can I help?
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