Yesterday was a very tough day at WAGS…

Yesterday was a very tough day at WAGS…

Yesterday was a very tough day at WAGS…we had to say goodbye to our beautiful Nina.


It was time for her to go to the Rainbow Bridge. Nina came to WAGS in January of this year emaciated, scared and horribly under socialized. She came from an owner who had too many dogs and later was found out to be a dog fighter. Nina had too many scars to count, but it was the scars on the inside that did the most damage. Nina never learned how to read a dog correctly which made her extremely difficult to place into a home. Most people already have dogs at home and are looking for a companion, or they want to get a dog that they can take with them to dog friendly places. No matter how loving and affectionate Nina was to people, the dog fearfulness/dog aggression always showed through. As time passed during Nina’s stay at WAGS, we saw her drop even more weight than when she came in due to stress. Not only was her weight down, but her anxiety level was going up. If she wasn’t outside being walked she was jumping in her dog run all day. No matter how much love was given, how much rehab training was done, how many toys or how much physical activity we gave her everyday, it just wasn’t enough. She was going “kennel crazy”. It was then when we reached out for the communities help. Part of our motto is S.A.V.E.D. which stands for Sponsor, Adopt, Volunteer, Educate, and Donate. And while Nina received plenty of “shares” on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, it just wasn’t enough to get Nina into either a foster home or a permanent home. The fact that she couldn’t be placed in a home with other pets was really a problem. More time went by, more social media posts and pleas were sent out and still nothing for poor Nina. We had gotten Nina back up to prime condition. She was at a very healthy weight and she was looking fantastic. Sadly, this week we saw a major mental break. She was finally at a place where she felt the need to protect, at least that is how we read it. Her love of all people was cut down to a very select few, which unfortunately made placing her no longer an option. It was no longer responsible of WAGS to put Nina out into the community and feel good that everyone will be safe. Last night, at closing, with lots of kisses and lots of tears we said goodbye. We all have chosen this profession, or as many of us like to believe, it chose us. But we should not have to carry the burden of all of the unwanted pets alone. This is why we have S.A.V.E.D. to be able to involve the community in our plight. This is a reality of a shelter. We NEED the help of our community to foster and help rehab these dogs. Liking a page on Facebook isn’t enough, only wanting to see the adoption pictures and seeing the happy side of shelter life doesn’t help the pets in need. No matter what community you are in, do something to help. Nina’s story needed to be shared so the public can see that sometimes there isn’t a happy ending. Its not because of lack of trying. The hard work, dedication and love put into finding this dog a home is above and beyond any shelter I have ever seen. I am bursting with pride for this group of amazing caretakers and volunteers. We did all did our best, unfortunately, this time it wasn’t enough.

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