100 Adoptions for $1 – to Celebrate WAGS Pet Adoption’s First Year Anniversary

100 Adoptions for $1 – to Celebrate WAGS Pet Adoption’s First Year Anniversary

WAGS was able to reach 100 -$1 pet adoptions by August 19, 2012.

After announcing our $1 adoption special in July 2012-WAGS was able to reach 100 adopted pets by August 19, 2012. WAGS Pet Adoption https://wagspetadoption.org is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to placing homeless animals in forever homes. WAGS was founded by Dr. Tia Greenberg.

WAGS Pet Adoption’s mission is to provide the best quality of care, advocacy and shelter for lost and homeless animals seeking new permanent loving homes. Our core values are: low euthanasia rates, permanent placement, advocacy, and safe shelter. They have been contracted by the City of Westminster since 2011 to assist with stray animals picked up by city service

WAGS is new to the pet adoption scene in Southern California but we have just celebrated our first year anniversary in July. During the month of July, WAGS had its ribbon cutting, WAGS to Riche$ Casino Night Fund Raiser, Family Fun Day and then 100 Dollar Adoptions- WHAT A SUMMER OF FUN!

WAGS adopted out dogs, cats and one rabbit for $1. Families who took advantage of these 100 adoptions have stated what a wonderful opportunity to be able to afford the adoption. In addition to reducing the adoption costs to $1, WAGS ensured the adoptive families that pet was spay/neutered, applied flea medication, de-wormed and placed identification microchips, all as part of the adoption package.

One adoptive family said “ We are so blessed with Dixie Mae, she has made our family complete. “

Michelle Russillo spokesperson for WAGS Pet Adoption says, “ It is a pleasure to provide a low cost opportunity for families in our local neighborhood to adopt a pet and provide homes for these adorable animals.”

WAGS believes our community has S.A.V.E.D.™ these 100 animals.


For more information call WAGS coordinator Cortney Dorney at (714) 887-6156 or https://wagspetadoption.org

Michelle Russillo
WAGS Pet Adoption

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