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All I can say is by the time we got Waffles Wildfire Limeaux home, I was in love. Thank you WAGS for holding onto Waffles until the universe called Skipper into the stars.
Waffles is safe and warm in my arms right now.

Theodore Philip Schraff III

Well I adopted my beautiful Disco from wags. He’s such a blessing, my husband and I feel he makes us a little family. We can’t right now but soon hope to add one more. See he makes life fun. I love WAGS for rescuing my baby. If I could add pictures i would.

Kelsey Chappell James

I got my beautiful and sweet cocker spaniel “Cassie” here. The staff was great and I love how much they care for the animals there. Thank you #wags !

Gina Gonzalez

Just adopted “Cranberry and Stuffing” on Christmas Eve. Two adorable shorkies! They are now Lizzie and Chewie(because she looks like chewbacca!!) lol. So far they have been pretty good! Lizzie is totally comfortable but Chewie is still a little nervous. Overall they get along pretty well with my other two dogs. Thanks WAGS!!

Monica Camacho

#nationalcatday shoutout to this amazing adoption group for connecting me to my spoiled fluffy love monster! From death row to the top of his cat tree he’s made quite the journey and it all started with WAGS

Gussie Schwartz

Staff was very friendly and let us play with the dog for a long long time making sure we were comfortable with adopting her.
She, Oda, is a little shy still around new people, but with my two toddler children is absolutely amazing. She likes us too

Leighanne Hoskey

It the best place to volunteer and the people are great to work with miss them all ready I volunteer there and the dogs are beautiful ready to go their new home and family

Joanna Frances Martin

I adopted my baby Dexter from here 2 years ago this month we couldn’t imagine our home without him!! He is a “Chugg” and of course with a little training he’s been the sweetest thing smile emoticon I’d definitely consider adopting from here if we were interested in bringing another pet into the family.

Amber Estrada

I went in today to look for a new addition to our family. The staff were super helpful and sweet and the area where they keep the animals was super clean and well kept. Soooo excited to adopt from a place in my hometown!!! YAY for WAGS!

Patti Arnold

I recently found a cat with an eye injury. He was extremely skinny and had an open eye wound. I gained the kitty’s trust and brought him to WAGS, they helped me so much and more importantly they helped the kitty. I will be forever grateful to WAGS. They are such a wonderful organization for cats and dogs that need help.

Kristen Drozdowski