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As a non-profit organization, your assistance will allow our organization to continue to develop quality care and placement for homeless animals. ALL animals receive comprehensive medical exams and treatment from the moment they enter our hospital facility—there is no waiting. Adoption pets receive the same standard of care as a pet brought to Westminster Veterinary Hospital. Before an animal is adopted all exams including medical monitoring, behavioral evaluation, spay/neuter, microchip, vaccinations, blood panels, flea medication, deworm and ultrasound (as indicated by breed or medical condition) are completed. WAGS Pet Adoption in its first year was able to keep the euthanasia rate below 2.5% and adopt 40 or more pets per month. WAGS Pet Adoption needs your help to continue to provide this high level of care and compassion.

Your generosity helps us pay for medications, vaccines, outreach programming, and so much more. Here is a short list of things that your donations help us pay for:

  • Provide the highest quality veterinary care for all pets from the first moments they enter our care;
  • Cover the cost of spays and neuters;
  • Provide a comprehensive schedule of examinations, tests (Heartworm, ultrasound), vaccines (incl. distemper, rabies) and treatments (incl. flea/tick);
  • Implant microchips in all dogs and cats;
  • Perform behavioral assessments and rehabilitation;
  • Implement community outreach programs to increase adoptions and reduce pet overpopulation;
  • Continuously train our staff and volunteers so that WAGS continues to be the leading force for positive change;
  • Continuously improve and expand our center facilities;
  • Keep adoption costs low.