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We have some great news!!!!

WE HAVE SOME BIG NEWS TO SHARE WITH ALL OF YOU…WAGS IS HERE TO STAY!!!! As many of you know, we have been struggling with the future of WAGS for the past year. Will we be able to find a new building? Will we get the city contract again? We had so many of you help out by looking for buildings, etc. and we appreciate the community support more than any of you realize! It showed us that you like what we do, what we stand for and that we were important enough to keep around. Well…as of last night, the wait and worry were finally over. Not only do we get to stay in our current building for the next 3 YEARS, we were able to solidify the Westminster city contract for the next 3 years as well (email conformation only, no contract signed yet)!! This has been an emotional roller coaster for everyone associated with WAGS, as you can imagine. But now, all of our worries and fears of the unknown can be put to rest. WAGS is here to stay an we will get to continue to take unwanted, abandoned, stray, abused and neglected pets from Westminster!!! There will be lots of growing and changes happening very quickly over the next few months so stay tuned for all of the updates, pictures and donation opportunities…and…possibly even more exciting news in the future!! Thank you all so much for your constant support for WAGS!

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  1. Congratulations WAGS! This is very good news, as I was referred to your center by a neighbor.

    If you would be so kind and please post the following notice:

    I am new to the area and recently lost my 3 year old female, Siamese, cat. She is beige with short fur and black seal points on her nose, ears, tail and feet. She has crossed-eyes and is very shy, very loving and extremely sweet. She is small and weighs approx. 6-7 lbs.

    She does not know her way around this area at all and was not wearing her collar, when she hopped off the balcony. She was last seen on the residential street, Grambling Circle in Westminster, California – cross streets : Bolsa Chica Rd. and Westminster Ave.

    Please call if you have seen her or have any information. There is a REWARD for the return of my precious kitty.

    Cell: 714-909-9798 or email to: yahwehcreations@gmail.com

    Thank you so much.
    Ms. K. Hardy

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