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What’s better than 1 kitten? 2 kittens!

Wags Kittens 2 for 1What’s better than 1 kitten? 2 kittens! From now until August 14th, adopt 2 kittens for only $75.00. The adoption fee includes: spay/neuter, microchip, age current vaccines, deworming, flea control, and an exit vet exam. Adopting 2 kittens means that they can provide each other with social interaction, exercise, and mental stimulation. It’s great for them to have a buddy, especially when their family is out of the house. Plus, nothing beats the joy of watching 2 kittens play and grow together! Come to WAGS to find your purrfect duo!

If you have 2 WAGS cats, show them off in the comments. We would love to see some great pairs.😊

*single kitten adoption fee is not discounted at this time “

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