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Pay and Neuter at Wags!

We are on a mission to be completely caught up on all of our spays and neuters for all of our “adoption available” dogs and cats! We have a new vet on staff at WVG who is very interested in helping us reach this goal, but we need to come up with the funds to pay for all of the supplies needed for these surgeries…here’s where you guys all come into play! We have set up donation price points for each type of surgery…cat neuter, cat spays, dog neuters, and dog spays…what we are asking for is donations for the specific surgeries! We have a total of 50 pets that we’d like to get done by the end of this month…2 cat neuters, 25 cat spays, 8 dog neuters and 15 dog spays. Here are the donations that we are asking for each of these surgeries…
$25 = cat neuter
$50 = cat spay
$55 = dog neuter
$75 = dog spay

If you’d like to help us out in accomplishing this task of having EVERY adoptable pet in our facility spayed or neutered by the end of the month, please go to our website www.wagspetadoption.org/donate and put ‪#‎spayandneuter‬ in the comment section of your paypal donation! We will do a daily tally of how many of each type of surgery we have left needing funding so you can follow along with us in our spay and neuter goals!!!

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