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National Black Dog Day

National Black Dog Day - WagsIts National Black Dog Day!!! Black dogs(as well as solid brown/tan), like “Sissy” are overlooked by so many potential adopters because they are plain or lack-luster, they don’t stand out in a crowd of dogs all looking for their forever homes. “Sissy” has been at WAGS since the beginning of January with less than a handful of interested parties ever giving her a second glance  She is loving and will give you kisses until you can’t take it anymore! She loves respectful kids and gets along great with other dogs…but no cats please. “Sissy” is currently one of our $10 dogs in the hopes that she will get adopted with a reduced adoption fee. Regular adoption screening processes still apply. Help us celebrate National Black Dog Day by helping us get Sissy adopted!! Photo by Mike Dorney / Pacific Photography

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