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Meet Nukka, Yukon and Siku


Donate at the Pet Loss CenterMeet Nukka, Yukon and Siku. These are our latest “projects” here at WAGS. They were found as strays in the City of Westminster COVERED in mange and infection. Their skin is oozing, they don’t have any energy and its difficult for them to eat. These pictures DO NOT do them justice. They are red and painful and lucky to have ended up with us. This group is only about 3 months old and already between 35-45 lbs. We believe they are Malamute mixes and will grow to over 100 lbs when full grown. All 3 are ridiculously sweet and want to be around people. They love to be loved on, even though its difficult with all of the scabs and oozing. We will be working on their medical condition for quite some time and would LOVE help! If you would like to donate towards their medical fund (estimated total costs will be calculated soon), please click on the link below! Make sure you write “Malamutes” in the comment section of your paypal donation so your money will go directly to their care. THANK YOU!

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