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CALL TO ACTION…Buddy needs oral surgery!

Donate to Buddy at WagsCALL TO ACTION…Buddy needs oral surgery and the WAGS medical fund doesn’t have enough to cover the costs. Buddy is a 12 year old Chiweenie who was adopted about a month ago as part of our $50 “Adopt a Senior” program. During Buddy’s routine dental, a tooth was pulled and a large hole was left…our doctors tried multiple times to close it, but couldn’t get the tissue to hold. WAGS is dedicated to making sure that the pet that you adopt from us is as healthy as possible and we do everything that we can to make sure that statement is true with every single pet that goes home. We are sending Buddy to a Board Certified Oral Surgeon to have this problem resolved once and for all…at the price of $900! If you are able to help WAGS help Buddy, please go to our website and donatewww.wagspetadoption.org/donate Please put “Buddy” in the comments section of your PayPal donation so the money can be put directly towards his much needed surgery.

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