Being a foster home to a litter of bottle babies takes a 4-8 week commitment depending on the age of the group. A “Bottle Baby” would be any kitten ages 0-4 weeks and would need to be fed every 2-6 hours, again depending on the age of the litter. This is an opportunity to bring kittens into your home to raise, socialize and prepare them to be brought back when they are 8 weeks old for adoption! WAGS would supply you with the kitten formula, bottles, as well as transition food as they need it when they grow! There is no experience needed for this kind of volunteering! We supply you with handouts about feeding/stimulating, transitioning over to kitten food, socializing, etc. We want to set you up to succeed! Happy, friendly, social kittens get adopted out much faster and this is the age to get ahead of the game! If you are interested in being a volunteer at this level, please email Cortney at cortney@wagspetadoption.org and we’ll get you signed up!

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  1. Hi, my daughter and I submitted our volunteer application in a few weeks ago and have not heard from WAGS. This sounds like a great volunteer opportunity for us.

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