Want to volunteer at WAGS?

Want to volunteer at WAGS, but don’t have a bunch of time to commit? Our bunnies are in need of some “Green Volunteers”. If you are a person who would be able to ask your local grocery store for their cast off greens and drop them off at WAGS just one day a week (we need multiple volunteers for this as we need greens

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VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY! WAGS is looking for volunteers to answer the phone Tuesday- Saturday 10-3pm. (The schedule can be broken into specific days. ) NO animal care involved just excellent communication and customer service skills, basic Word and Outlook and a great interest in helping pets get adopted. Send letter of interest to CEO – michellerussillo (a) gmail (dot) com

These 3 littles are looking for a foster family!

Looking for a foster family for these 3 littles! They are only about 2 weeks old but HUGE already! They will require feeding every 3-4 hours around the clock and WAGS will provide everything you need to take care of them…you just provide the time and love. Please share and lets get these babies into a foster home tonight! If you are interested, please

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Volunteer applications now accepted!

After much interest, WAGS is now happy to accept volunteers ages 16 and older. Junior volunteers will be able to help in a limited capacity with ensuring that the animals have thoroughly cleaned food and water bowls, litter boxes, and bedding. 2 hour shifts are available starting at 1:00pm. If you are looking for after school volunteer hours and want to help with animal

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WAGS needs your help!

WAGS is currently caring for approximately 270 cats and kittens. With that many mouths to feed, we could really use a little help. Right now WAGS is in need of dry cat food. Please help us stock our food pantry. Any and all donations would be so very appreciated. WAGS is located at: 6621 Westminster Blvd. Westminster, CA 92638 Thank You!

We are in need of cat litter!

With around 300 cats and kittens in our care WAGS uses a ton of cat litter daily. We are down to our last few boxes and would greatly appreciate any and all donations of cat litter of any brand or type. Our address is: 6621 Westminster Blvd. Westminster, CA 92683 We would be so grateful for either Amazon deliveries or in person drop offs.

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Only 1 person showed up yesterday to help out with laundry and the piles are out of control BIG!

Only 1 person showed up yesterday to help out with laundry and the piles are out of control BIG!! The washers are back up and running, but we are so far behind, we really need assistance catching up! We will provide the $$ and laundry detergent and bleach if you want to take some to a laundromat…please share and help us keep our pets

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Being a foster home to a litter of bottle babies takes a 4-8 week commitment depending on the age of the group. A “Bottle Baby” would be any kitten ages 0-4 weeks and would need to be fed every 2-6 hours, again depending on the age of the litter. This is an opportunity to bring kittens into your home to raise, socialize and prepare

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We need help with laundry!

Our laundry pile is really backing up again…sigh…if you are able to come by this weekend and pick up a bag or two to help out, we’d really appreciate it! Text 714-887-6156 if you can come by and grab some! Thank you in advance!