Please help foster our kittens!

Looking to help out? Want to foster kittens but can only do one? Then…WE NEED YOU! WAGS has a TON of single kittens in need of fostering. All are over 4 weeks old and no longer need a bottle! We will supply you with everything you need, you just provide the home and the love! Please comment below or text 714-887-6156 if you are

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Foster cats at Wags!

Did you know that we have cats available for fostering too!!?? WAGS has MANY cats that could use a month long break from shelter life! This is just a few of them pictured here! If you are interested in giving a shelter cat a little vacation, please either comment below or text 714-887-6156 to set it up! We provide you with everything that you

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Kitten Foster: Call to action!

URGENT CALL TO ACTION TO FOSTER KITTEN!! WAGS has 4 1 week old bottle babies in need of fostering ASAP! They will need to be in their foster home for the next 7 weeks, WAGS will provide EVERYTHING needed (formula, bottles, even a “how-to” guide for newbies), you just provide the time and the love. PLEASE text 714-887-6156 if you are able to help

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Kittens everywhere! We need your help!

Kittens everywhere! We have about 8 litters that are in need of fostering! We have single kittens, hissy kittens that need socialization, and a mom with kittens. We provide all the supplies for you, they just need some TLC. If you are interested or know someone who is, please call or text 714-887-6156 or leave a comment below.

How about joining team P.U.R.R (Patient,Understanding,Rescue & Rehab)?

How about joining team P.U.R.R (Patient,Understanding,Rescue & Rehab)? WAGS has some kittens that just need a little patience and a bunch of loving to help them be social and more adoptable. Just 2-4 weeks of care can make all the difference to these babies. Please text WAGS at (714) 887-6156 or email if you think you can offer them just a few weeks

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Donate and help find a forever home for our senior pets!

Thank you so much to one of our fantastic follower, Patti!! She donated $100 to sponsor the adoption of 2 of our senior dogs!! She chose Chato and Shadow.¬†Because of her generosity, the new families for these two handsome gentlemen won’t have to pay anything when they get adopt!! If you are interested in Sponsoring an adoption, please go and write “sponsor a

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“Parker” is in need of a foster home

This is “Parker” and he is in need of a foster home…Parker is an 18 lb cat who is looking for a little help with a weight loss program! Unfortunately, “plus size” cats don’t do very well in a shelter. They stop eating due to the stress, which causes them to develop hepatic lipidosis which, for a cat in a shelter, means euthanasia. Parker’s

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