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Queenie is looking for a forever home

queenie at wags pet adoption
This is Queenie…Queenie has been one of our behavioral rehab “projects” since the beginning of June when she was brought in by animal control. She is about 5 years old and was basically a puppy machine her whole life. She lived with a big male pit and one of her puppies who was 2-3 years old. Queenie never saw outside of her backyard, never saw any other dogs and never was taught how to behave. She showed a lot of fear aggression whenever other dogs were in her space. The WAGS staff has been working hard to socialize her with other dogs and the world in general and Queenie has come along really nicely. Saturday was her big “final exam” to see if all of the rehab has been working and she passed with flying colors! She met big dogs and little dogs with zero aggression. All of the dogs she met with face kisses and lots of tail wags. Treats were offered in the presence of other dogs with no signs of possession aggression. Queenie never stopped wagging her tail and just being an overall happy girl! SHE IS NOW READY FOR ADOPTION! I am so proud of this team and what we are able to accomplish! Queenie is a Pit Bull/Bull Terrier (or possibly English Bulldog) who LOVES people, going on walks, and could go in a home by herself or with other dogs…but no cats please 🙂

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