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Hours of citizen turn in, impound pick up and stray drop off
Monday- Thursday: 9 – 7
Friday: 8:30 – 6
Saturday: 8:30 – 4
Sunday: 9-6

Adoption & Tours
Saturday – Sunday 12-5
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. 1-6
Wednesday the shelter is closed

Westminster Impound Fees
  • * 1st impound $50
  • * 2nd Impound $70
  • * 3rd Impound $90
  • * 4th Impound $110
  • * $20 per additional impound
  • * Quarantine $100
Westminster & Stanton Non-Neuter Fees (if the impounded pet is still intact)
  • * 1st Impound $35
  • * 2nd Impound $50
  • * 3rd & Subsequent Impounds $100
Westminster License Fees
  • * Regular (intact dog) $65
  • * Spayed/Neutered Dog $15
  • * Senior Citizen (60 or older) (pet has to be altered) $15
Impound Fees for both cities
  • * $10 for cats per day
  • * $15 for dogs & exotics per day
Vaccine Fees for both cities
  • * DHPP, Bordatella (both given upon impound) – $21.70 each
  • * Rabies (given upon discharge and only if not current) – $21.70
  • * Medical Waste Fee (disposal of syringes) – $5.00
Misc. Charges for both cities
  • * Intake examination $50
  • * Flea treatment (given upon impound) $15
Stanton Impound Fees
  • $108 for all impound fees and Quarantines
Stanton License Fees
  • * Regular (intact) $100
  • * Spayed/Neutered $27
  • * Senior Citizen (must be neutered) $13.50
  • * Late Fee $35
WAGS Adoption Fees
  • * $185 dogs 7 months and older
  • * $250 dogs 6 months and under
  • * $140 kittens 6 months and under
  • * $105 cats 7 months and older
  • * $350 owner surrender fee (turning in their own pet for adoption, must be a resident of Westminster or Stanton only)
  • * $10 rabbits and all exotics adoptions (birds, reptiles, etc.)
  • * $100 spay/neuter deposit…required if the pet gets adopted but is not yet altered (for one reason or another). The $100 is fully refunded upon pickup after the surgery has been performed by WAGS.
WAGS Adoption Requirements
*An application must be filled out by the potential adopter.  Completing the application DOES NOT guarantee adoption of the pet they are interested in…the answers to the application questions determine if the adoption will proceed.  WAGS DOES NOT adopt by “first come, first serve” basis. If a pet is not yet available, we will take applications until the date of availability and select the best match from the applications we have.
*We require proof of owning, renting or leasing where the adopters live.  Proof of owning would include: property tax statement, mortgage payment/statement, or home owners insurance paperwork.  Electronic viewing is acceptable for proof (electronic check register showing payments of any of these, proof of electronic bill pay of the above, etc. Bringing in the actual paperwork is not necessary if proof can be acquired on a smart phone/tablet. Proof of renting/leasing would include: Rental of leasing agreement stating that pets are allowed.  What we are looking for is breed/size restrictions as well as quantity (if the adopter already has pets in the home). We do not accept handwritten letters from landlords/leasing companies and we do not call for verification.  We want it in writing as a rental agreement or a pet addendum for the protection of the pet in the future.
*We do not do adoptions as “surprise” gifts.  We want the adopter to be able to pick out their own companion.  They can be purchased by someone else as a present, but the person the pet is for must be here to go through the adoption process themselves……not sure if we want that on the website just in case people who want to do that come “prepared” and lie to us…but I thought I’d include it in the email just in case.
*If the adopters are adopting a Pit Bull or Bully breed type and they own their home, proof of their home owners insurance stating will cover the family owning this type of dog.  Many home owners insurance companies will not cover you if you own this breed.
*If the adoptive family is interested in a dog and they currently have dogs in the home, we do require doing a “meet and greet” at WAGS prior to finalizing the adoption to ensure that everyone will get along.  We also require that the current dogs are up to date on their vaccines and proof is provided upon the meet and greet.  Being a shelter, and not always knowing what we have incubating in the kennels, we want to ensure the safety of all of the dogs and know that they are vaccinated with DHPP, Bordatella and Rabies.
*We HIGHLY recommend that if you are adopting a cat or kitten into a household that has existing felines, to put the new cat/kitten into a separate room for 2 weeks for incubation/quarantine. We do always have upper respiratory infections going around and can only treat the adopted pet if an illness occurs within the first 2 week period.
*If your adopted pet gets ill with something that we know we commonly have or could possibly have contracted from WAGS (upper respiratory, ringworm, kennel cough, parvo, calici), we will take care of the treatments at OUR hospital, under our care, with our vets, within the 1st 2 weeks of adoption.  If the pet is taken to a different hospital, we are unable to reimburse the owner for any and all medical care given.  We are also unable to treat other pets in the household if they contract an illness from the WAGS pets.