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May 2017

Foster cats at Wags!

Did you know that we have cats available for fostering too!!?? WAGS has MANY cats that could use a month long break from shelter life! This is just a few of them pictured here! If you are interested in giving a shelter cat a little vacation, please either comment below or text 714-887-6156 to set it up! We provide you with everything that you

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WAGS is in need of dry cat food donations!

WAGS is in need of dry cat food donations! Our normal pet food banks that we get it from are out and before we start shopping, we were hoping to get some great donations!! You can order any brand of dry food (our cats are not picky!) from or amazon and have it delivered right to us, or grab an extra bag or

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World Meet Holly!

This is Holly! She is a 1 year old dwarfed Pit Bull…not a mix with doxie! She is a spoiled brat and thinks everything is hers! She IS OBSESSED with tennis balls and needs 3 at all times! She would be a great agility dog and will do anything for the ball! She isn’t aggressive with other dogs, but the fact that she thinks

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35 adoptions later…

This is the best picture of the weekend… the teardown of our home for the last three days. 35 adoptions later and 46 hours worked we are done and all heading home. It has been another Whirlwind weekend full of laughter, tears, and excitement for things to come for the animals we adopted. Pet Expo is always our favorite adoption event, off property, of

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VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY! WAGS is looking for volunteers to answer the phone Tuesday- Saturday 10-3pm. (The schedule can be broken into specific days. ) NO animal care involved just excellent communication and customer service skills, basic Word and Outlook and a great interest in helping pets get adopted. Send letter of interest to CEO – michellerussillo (a) gmail (dot) com