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February 2016

Only 8 of the 19 available senior dogs have been adopted…

Only 8 of the 19 available senior dogs have been adopted. These little sweeties need love and a family too! If you have space at home and room in your heart, consider adopting a senior dog! Their adoption fee is only $50 and that includes their spay/neuter, microchip, current vaccines, deworming, current flea medication, dental with necessary extractions, full body ultrasound and bloodwork. We want

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We need help with laundry!

Our laundry pile is really backing up again…sigh…if you are able to come by this weekend and pick up a bag or two to help out, we’d really appreciate it! Text 714-887-6156 if you can come by and grab some! Thank you in advance!

Update Thursday

Today is going to be “Update Thursday”…ok…I know…it doesn’t have a rhyming kinda ring to it, but I couldn’t think of anything cute in a hurry! 😉We got a wonderful update on Nana last week that we wanted to share with all of you! Here’s what her mom had to say! “Mmm….her and Byndi are still working on their relationship. Byndi is a little

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Donate and help find a forever home for our senior pets!

Thank you so much to one of our fantastic follower, Patti!! She donated $100 to sponsor the adoption of 2 of our senior dogs!! She chose Chato and Shadow. Because of her generosity, the new families for these two handsome gentlemen won’t have to pay anything when they get adopt!! If you are interested in Sponsoring an adoption, please go and write “sponsor a

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New adoption hours at Wags!

Yesterday, we started our new adoption hours! We wanted to post them for everyone to see, since it might take a little bit for all of the website changes, etc to happen. Our new hours are Weekdays 1pm-6pm (closed on Wednesdays) and Sat-Sun 12pm-5pm. Please make note that we are now open on Monday and closed on Wednesday.