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September 2015

“Parker” is in need of a foster home

This is “Parker” and he is in need of a foster home…Parker is an 18 lb cat who is looking for a little help with a weight loss program! Unfortunately, “plus size” cats don’t do very well in a shelter. They stop eating due to the stress, which causes them to develop hepatic lipidosis which, for a cat in a shelter, means euthanasia. Parker’s

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Indee has been here for 864 days!

This beautiful girl is Indee. She has been with us the longest of all of our cats available for adoption…864 days!!! She came in after sneaking into WAGS almost 2 1/2 years ago after sneaking into someones kitchen through the doggy door and delivering her litter of kittens on their kitchen floor! She is an independent girl who is looking for a place to call

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Kitten Season is still here!!

Kitten Season is still here, bringing us more kittens especially bottle babies. We have 6 three week old kittens that came into the shelter today who are in need of foster. If anyone is interested in fostering these babies, call/text us at 714-887-6156 or leave us a comment below.