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Vimeo – Cras vitae ex eleifend

Vivamus urna erat, gravida nec mauris quis, porttitor dignissim ipsum. Maecenas a auctor magna. Nunc ut nisi in sem vestibulum luctus et sit amet nulla. Nulla quam elit, vestibulum sed sodales ac, bibendum a lacus. Cras volutpat mi eget aliquam tempor. Quisque nulla nulla, sollicitudin a ante vitae, elementum...

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We’ve raised $580!

Yay! Thanks to all of you and many of our Instagram followers, we’ve raised $580 for these babies! We still have a ways to go because treating 3 large breed puppies with many medical problems is not going to be cheap please continue to donate to their care by...

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