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June 2015


WAGS IS HIRING!! We have a part-time Caretaker position open that we are looking to fill ASAP! You must be over 18 and have animal industry experience (animal shelter, vet hospital, boarding facility). For the kind of work that we do…experience is a MUST! The WAGS staff is an awesome team to work with and we are looking for a very special person to

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We’ve raised $580!

Yay! Thanks to all of you and many of our Instagram followers, we’ve raised $580 for these babies! We still have a ways to go because treating 3 large breed puppies with many medical problems is not going to be cheap please continue to donate to their care by going to our¬†and put “malamutes” in the notes section of the PayPal screen. They

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Meet Nukka, Yukon and Siku

  Meet Nukka, Yukon and Siku. These are our latest “projects” here at WAGS. They were found as strays in the City of Westminster COVERED in mange and infection. Their skin is oozing, they don’t have any energy and its difficult for them to eat. These pictures DO NOT do them justice. They are red and painful and lucky to have ended up with

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