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March 2015

Nickel is still waiting to find his forever home!

Nickel is still waiting to find his forever home! He is an 8-10 month old neutered male Pit Bull mix who is housebroken and great with other dogs! He is a little shy when first meeting strangers, but warms up quickly if food is involved wink emoticon Nickel would do really well living with another dog that would show him the ropes. He’s super smart and

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Kitten Season is here!

Our first kitten plea of the season…yesterday we “received” these 5 kittens. They were dumped in a cardboard box and slid into the front door of our hospital. They are only 4 weeks old and still need assistance eating and relieving themselves. If you are interested in fostering these little darlings for 4 more weeks, please leave a comment below or call us at

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The future of Wags

So…we all came to the realization last night that we will not be continuing the Westminster contract to provide the city’s animal control with shelter services. Our contract for this year ends June 30th, and after that the city will be taking their strays and unwanted pets wherever they decide to contract with. WAGS Pet Adoption WILL CONTINUE! We’ve decided to change our focus

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Update on our search for a new building…

13 days left before the RFP is due to the city to have the contract renewed…and we are back to square one. Both buildings that we were looking at in Huntington Beach fell through due to zoning. The building on Warner was a definite no, and the building on Beach was only zoned to hold animals 48 hours (like a grooming shop). I can’t begin

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Socialization “Boot Camp” for one of our adoptable dogs!

Sunday we had a socialization “Boot Camp” for one of our adoptable dogs, Nickel! He has had some trouble meeting new people and would cower, growl and raise his hackles. His foster dad, Josh put together a group of people from his Instagram followers to come out and help Nickel overcome his fears. We had a great turnout of people who wanted to help

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We are starting today with a positive attitude and trying to stay on point to where our focus needs to be…the pets of WAGS! Its hard not to get caught up in the roller coaster of what’s going on right now, but the staff and volunteers have all helped each other keep true to our mission…to provide excellent care to the homeless and unwanted

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If anyone knows of a building within 10 miles of our current location, PLEASE let me know. We need at least 3,000 sq ft and can’t afford more than $7,000 a month rent. We’ve contacted a lot of places around us, but no one wants to rent to an animal shelter!