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September 2012

WAGS Pet Adoption Call to Action to Adopt Pets

Orange County, as the summer nears the end; WAGS (Westminster Adoption Group and Services) Pet Adoption – has an overcrowding of animals. Although adoptions for the summer have exceeded 150, there are too many animals living at WAGS. Currently, WAGS is housing over 200. Dr. Tia Greenberg, DVM has stated “ We are astonished by the number of animals brought to WAGS since April 2012”

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Long Distance Helping Hands for Homeless Shelter

East coast helps west coast- Helping Hands of West Bay Residential Services in Warwick, RI helps WAGS Pet Adoption in Southern California. Helping Hands of West Bay began with helping their local community by collecting donations for Save the Children, UNICEF, Nickerson House, Victims of the earthquakes in Haiti and Japan, the Gulf Oil Spill, Cell Phones for Soldiers, and We Care for Animals. Helping

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